Gigio Donnarumma the jewel that Milan struck in the summer of 2015 in the Chinese pre-season tour. Gigio Donnarumma the golden boy who wowed many, the one who saved AC Milan many times, the boy who plays with Milan in his heart. In Milan’s most recent game against Hellas Verona in the Coppa Italia, Milan fans decided that with recent rumors of Donnarumma signing to PSG, fans thought it would be a great idea to boo, whistle and jeer at the 18-year-old shot-stopper.

A sign that said “Moral violence, 6 million per year and your parasite brother? Now go away, the patience is over.” Curva Sud said this to Donnarumma which made him break out into tears. A great gesture from our captain Leonardo Bonucci comforted him in this awful thing that fans did to Donnarumma Bonucci gave Donnarumma confidence and motivation before the game.

At the end of Milan’s fantastic 3-0 performance, Mirabelli came out and said this

“Our position is clear we won’t sell anybody. If any player wants to leave he has to tell us. Our demands must be satisfied. Gigio is an exceptional guy, I spoke with him a few minutes ago and he never said he wants to leave. Maybe there are some gentlemen who want to organize something, but we will protect Milan in every place. I have no meeting scheduled with Raiola. The guy [Donnarumma] has a contract until 2021, so I have nothing to say to Raiola. We are closer than ever to Gigio because we have no intention of selling him. He loves Milan. We will protect Donnarumma and Milan from some people who are trying to damage our club. One day Gigio will where is the good and where is the bad.”

Gattuso: Donnarumma is not calm, it’s not nice to be contested by your own fans. From my part, there will be a big protection.”

But the million dollar question is, is Donnarumma done with some Milan fans harassing him over a silly rumor. Or will he put this behind him and power through with Milan?

Will Donnarumma stay or will he go?!


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