AC Milan youngster Gianluigi Donnarumma could leave the club on a free transfer next summer, despite having recently signed a new deal. Last summer, Gigio was heavily linked with a move away from the San Siro, and it quickly became one of the most talked about rumors of the year. He would not sign a new contract, and with heavy influence from his agent, Mino Raiola, it seemed as if he would be making a move to a team outside of Italy. Raiola is infamous for doing whatever he can to get money from the players he works for, and he will do anything to maximize his profits. He was the main driving force in the Donnarumma saga last year, and almost every Milan supported has turned their back on him. Gigio eventually signed a new deal, but that newly signed contract may be nullified on the ground of ‘moral violence.’

The rumours surrounding the young keeper claim that he was subjected to unfair psychological pressure when signing the deal and that he was not in the proper mental state to agree to the terms of the contract. He is regarded as one of, if not the best young goalkeeper in all of Europe, and he has attracted interest from teams such as PSG and Real Madrid.
Donnarumma moved to Milan from Naples in 2013, and has previously given the impression that it’s Milan he’d choose to represent above bigger suitors, per football journalist David Amoyal: “Why didn’t I go to Real Madrid who has a lot of champions? Milan is my home and I thought to stay was the right thing to do” said Gigio. All Milan supporters have been misled into thinking that he wants to be the cornerstone of the new project and that he wants to be the face of the new Milan team. He is also predicted to be Italy’s number one keeper for years to come.
We can see why a player of his caliber would not want to play for this sub-par Milan side, but if he really loved the club, and wanted to play for the badge, then he would deal with the struggles. Great players stay with their club during dark periods of their history, and Milan is the team that brought him to prominence. He should be grateful that he was given a spot to play in the first team, and he should respect the club more than he is right now.  Milan will not be in poor form forever, and if he was patient, he could become a club legend.
Gattuso has denied the rumours, saying “For me, there’s no problem with Donnarumma,” Gattuso told Milan TV, “[Managing director Marco] Fassone and [chief executive Massimiliano] Mirabelli will talk if there are any problems with him. He believes that the rumours are just rumours at this point, and according to, Milan is set to have a meeting with Donnarumma in the next few hours. Hopefully, Gigio has a change of heart and decides to stay in Milan.
It would be very unfortunate to lose our best young player, but we will have to wait and see what happens. If Milan gets back to their winning ways, then it may spark a change of heart for Gigio, but the big money offers from clubs like PSG, Real, and Manchester United may lure him to a club outside Italy.

Will Donnarumma Leave Milan On A Free Transfer?


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