Coach Montella expects nothingless than 3-points against Juventus, and said that the win against Chievo was only the beginning. On Saturday the 28th (18:00 CEST) Milan will take on Juventus in a clash to keep in track of the Champions League spot.

Before the win over Chievo it was over a month ago that Milan won a match. But the next match is not just a match, it will be a lot harder when Montella’s men face Allegri’s Juventus. Currently Juventus sits on the 3rd place as they continue the chase for the 1st spot. Can Milan surprise them again like last year?

Montella said in Friday’s press conference; “Our spirit is bolstered in this negative period, we played well and in these 5 matches nobody outplayed us, this negativity made us hungry”.

Against Chievo we played with a lot of possesion, we knew what do with the ball, which let up to a goal after 43 passes (Serie A record). Montella; “Chievo just scored against us and we responded well”. “Over the past few matches we improved, more confident on the ball and there is less tension, the win against Chievo is not enough but it’s a good start”.

“Juventus? I rate them very high, they handle difficult moment well, I have a lot of respect for them. Even if we haven’t been able to compete at their level, we really want to get it back. We have everything what it takes to make it hard for Juventus. I want to beat them.”

“Winning this game will give us a huge boost. On paper some matches look easier than others and then they’re not. This is a great match to prepare for, to play, and ofcourse to win”. In the previous season Milan beat Juventus 2x, both teams will ofcourse be playing for the win, Milan has the quality to win and is still growing. Allegri said in an interview; “Juventus will lose against Milan if they play like they did against SPAL”.

Will this be a turning point in Milan’s campaign? Should Milan win from Juventus we’re one step closer to our chase to the Champions League. Perhaps Locatelli will even score a stunner again..?

*Milan will be without Bonucci (banned), Conti, Calabria, Gabbia and Bonaventura.*


Turning point of the season?


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