For most of the Rossoneri fans, this has been one of the longest international breaks because the derby is just around the corner and Montella has yet discovered his starting lineup.

Inter have been showing remarkable form and unfortunately Milan is yet to live up to the expectations after an overhaul in the club leading to the signing of 11 new players. A lot of controversy has been raised about these transfers and the eyes are focused on Montella and his capability to manage such a variety and implement the best lineup.

So far the results have been mediocre, we have very poor connection between the midfield and strikers especially in Serie A games where the defense is so tight and attentive. It is obvious that Montella is not very familiar with the 3-5-2 formation so an application of the 4-2-3-1 formation is probably the best we can go with against a team like inter.

The center backs would be Romagnoli and Bonucci as they would try to limit the space that Icardi gets and therefore reducing his ruthlessness in front of goal.The impressive Rodriguez as left-back and the experienced Abate as right-back. Kessie and Biglia would constitute a stubborn defensive MF. Bonaventura as attacking midfielder since he is very much able to execute the needed passes to either flanks or to the striker. Borini on the left would be our best option especially with calhanoglu banned from the game, and finally Suso should be on the right where he is used to play, leading the attack should be Andre Silva in the striker’s position.

It should be a very interesting derby as all the fans are hoping to see the Milan they have been waiting for.

The highly anticipated Milan derby/The ideal formation


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