FAN ARTICLE by dejan10.
Adriano Galliani gave an exclusive interview to Gazzetta after Milan’s 1-0 derby win, while relaxing in a champagne Jacuzzi:
Reporter: Firstly, congratulations on the win. Does this mean Seedorf will keep his job?Galliani: “No, of course not. We want someone with Milan’s history coursing through their veins. Who bleeds red and black. Like Spalletti. Or Montella.”
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They never played for Milan.“They didn’t? Oh, well I guess Inzaghi or Donadoni will do. Or Allegri. Don’t tell Silvio but I’m trying to convince him to come back.”
Allegri? Very funny.“I’ve never been more serious about anything since I helped him boot Pirlo off to Juventus.”
But whoever becomes coach, how will he do any better if you don’t invest?“Galliani: Who says we’re not investing? We’ve got €7 million to spend this mercato.”
That’s barely enough for a goal keeper, let alone —“Abbiati’s fine. He’s a professional. And besides, who needs mega investments when we’ve got the Champions League in our DNA?”

Milan haven’t reached a semi final in 7 years…“Who needs reinforcements when we’ve got Muntari, Constant and Essien? Plus you’re forgetting we have Nocerino and Matri returning from loan.”
But Juve, Roma, Napoli, Inter are all bound to strengthen their squads during the summer. With players better than Nocerino and Matri.“Well, that’s up to them. I repeat — we’re fine as we are. But if someone new does arrive, someone has to leave first.”
How’s the youth project going?“Fine. We’re selling El Shaarawy and De Sciglio in the summer to finance it.”
If that’s the case, Milan has completely lost the plot.“Look — we need to balance the books, okay?! Football is football! Times are changing! We’re competitive as we are! We have the Champions League in our DNA!”
At this point the interview was cut short as Galliani descended into an incomprehensible stream of babbling and had to be subdued by a medic.
Okay, so this interview never happened, I made it up, but scary thing is it’s not that far from the level of insanity that has gripped Milan in recent years.
Let’s face it, Milan has been in decline since 2007, but I’m talking primarily about the probable sacking of Seedorf — the inexperienced coach who has nevertheless turned Milan’s season around.
To sack Seedorf now, when he’s clearly doing pretty well and needs time to grow, is a mark of true insanity. But madness seems to be Milan’s trademark nowadays.
From kicking out Pirlo, to hanging on to Allegri, to bringing in Matri over Tevez, fans want to know when the craziness will end and we can get back to being the AC Milan we all know and love.
The problem is, whoever they bring in to replace Seedorf will struggle with no investment, no Champions League money, Galliani’s mad decisions and a policy of selling our best players as soon as Real Madrid or PSG come knocking.
It’s a surreal and sad time to be a Milan fan right now, with no end in sight. Despite the madness surrounding our club right now… GRAZIE MILAN for kicking Inter’s butt! I will always support you no matter what.