It was easy to notice in the last match, that A.C. Milan isn’t fulfilling Mirabelli & Fassone expectations. The club’s form is almost indistinguishable from that of the last season, even though millions were spent in the summer transfer window. Knowing Mirabelli & Fassone attitude towards these kind of situations, many magazines and dissatisfied fans made up rumors that can later proven to be true.

Vincenzo Montella’s future

Many rumors were about Montella’s position on the team. Even though it is the start of the season, many eyes doubt him for making some unfathomable choices like: not having a constant formation. Some club legends couldn’t stand without giving their opinion on the case. Shevchenko stated that Montella needs more time because he has the team still “under construction”. But Ronaldinho objected with Shevchenko’s opinion stating :

“It is clear that if the club decides to make a change, the return of Ancelotti would be a good signing. He knows the environment and is loved by everyone, especially by his players.”

Another option could be Petkovic, if Switzerland will not qualify against Northern Ireland in the World Cup playoffs. The club has denied all the rumors for Montella’s position, though. “Vincenzo is staying with us,” said Marco Fassone. “When you change this much, as we did, you need time.”

Petkovic(the coach of Switzerland)


Player Transfers

Even though January is far away, the club has made the first contact to sign the 27-year-old Santos attacker Lucas Lima, who can arrive for free, according to Sky Sports. Milan also needs to upgrade its midfield so the strikers can have more opportunities to score. Based on rumors Milan and Inter are “fighting” for Fellaini, the club also made an offer to the Real Madrid midfielder Dani Ceballos and to Nicolo Barella, a young talent who plays for Cagliari. The club received offers for Andre Silva from Barcelona and Arsenal, after his great performances with Portugal and Milan. An option for Silva can be Sergio Aguero, in which the club is also interested.


 Sergio Aguero on a Puma shirt

Adidas will end its almost 20 million $ contract with Milan after 20 years, so the club is in look for new sponsors. Many offers were received from New Balance and Under Armour, but they can’t be compared to the giants of Puma who offered a 10-15 million $ contract.

Possible targets for Milan


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