Milan conceded their third win in a row in Serie A this Sunday, at the hand of Icardi’s Hat-trick for Inter. Milan found it difficult in the first half. Even after a big improvement in the second, it wasn’t enough to turn the game around. Icardi’s last-minute penalty was debatable, but the score sums up the game, Milan was falling short, again.

Player Ratings:

1st Half: 3-5-1-1
2nd Half: 3-4-1-2

(GK) – G. Donnarumma: 5.5/10
The young goalkeeper wasn’t at fault for any of Inter’s goals. He was largely exposed by his defenders, can be faulted on one occasion where Gigio passed short to Bonucci where he was double covered which he got away with.
(RWB) – F. Borini: 6/10
The former Roma forward played in an unusual position, once again, showing great versatility and adaptation. He bombed down the right wing, going back and forth. Borini whipped several dangerous crosses into the box which created scoring chances, including Bonaventura’s goal. Although a bit suspicious defensively, he ran and worked his socks’ off. Grinder.

(Right CB) – M. Musacchio: 5.5/10
The Argentine was the only center back showing strength and willingness to fight. He was the better of the three. Musacchio made runs forward in the second half, that eventually created space for Suso to cut inside and score. The new signing still has room for imporvement, if Montella reverts back to a backline with 4 defenders, Musacchio deserves to start ahead of the rest.

(Central CB) – L. Bonucci: (4.5) FOTM
Describing Bonucci’s form is heartbreaking for any Milanistas. The newly appointed captain still hasn’t shown what he is capable of, or even glimpses of why he was brought to the San Siro. Bonucci shows great leadership and a huge motivating figure for the teammates around him, but it’s time for him to step up himself. Bonucci lost Icardi on both occasions Sunday night. The first goal was an early curling cross from Candreva which was harder to handle, he was a few feet late. On the second goal, Bonucci was way off, completely neglecting his man, Icardi scored the volley with amazing technique. it showed how Gigio was left exposed and how the Inter striker was comfortable enough unbothered hitting the bottom right corner.

(Left CB) – A. Romagnoli: 5/10
The #13 had a bad night, got booked early in the game for a foul on Candreva, he was left exposed by his left-wing-back, but still could’ve done way better. The supposedly Nesta-heir was lacking concentration on repetitive occasion and could’ve done better avoiding Candreva’s cross on Icardi’first goal. If he wants to be Chiellini’s replacement on the left side of the back three for Italy or the long-term Rossoneri Center Back, he has to improve.

(LWB) – R. Rodriguez: 5/10
The Swiss International had an average game, he was caught out of position several times, leaving Romagnoli exposed to Candreva, resulting into stretching Milan’s defense. His lack of pace was obvious when faced with Inter’s Most dangerous man (Candreva). He got forward to good effect, linked up well with Bonaventura at times. Rodriguez moved to left Center Back towards the end of the game, when Montella brought on Locatelli instead of Romagnoli. It’s true that Inter’s penalty was soft and debatable but, again, any football player should’ve known better that you don’t hold a player down, putting your arms around his neck. The referee had no choice, especially that the cross was going to the far post and D’Ambrosio tried to reach it. (even if he had no chance getting it)

(CDM) – L. Biglia: 5.5/10
The former Lazio man is always a composed and calm presence in the middle of the park. He didn’t offer much going forward but connected well with his teammates around him. As the match went on, he started to grow further into the game. He was asked to mark Borja Valero, and limit his influence on the game. Biglia did, more or less, his job and as the match went on his exhausting started to show, as he played 180 minutes with Argentina in their crucial WC qualifiers. In the second half, Milan had most of the possession and he was the man in the center connecting all the passes but was left exposed after Kessie’s withdrawal on the 45th minute. He can be faulted for one of Inter’s goals as he lost control of the ball and was caught by surprise on the counter-attack.
(Right CM) – F. Kessie: 5/10
The Ivorian international was brought in to Milan to be the modern Box-to-Box player but he has yet shown his quality that made him the most wanted midfielder in Europe last season. He is the bully that Milan is craving, although the Rossoneri fans are still waiting for him to put his stamp on the game. Kessie showed glimpses of his qualities at times but couldn’t keep up and was eventually subbed off for P. Cutrone at Halftime to make way for a tactical change.
(Left CM) – G. Bonaventura (7/10) MOTM
Jack was expected to be one of the key players of this Derby. His qualities were on show, he proved to be a crucial part of this side, creating headaches to Inter’s midfielders. It was hard to imagine a Milan with Bonaventura on the bench in previous games, but he shook off his fitness and injury issues to score and bring the score back to 2-2. In the second half, Jack grew in stature but left Biglia exposed. He adapted well to playing in the middle of the field, but he must improve defensively to provide much-needed cover. A performance to build on. His rating got the nod ahead of Suso, simply because his contribution was more balanced across both of the Derby’s halves.


In the pic: celebrates after scoring bonaventura 2-2
(CAM) – Suso (6.5/10)
Well, this is complicated, Suso in the first half was easily dispossessed and it was obvious that he was unable to influence the game in the hole behind the striker. Frist half rating is much lower, but in the second half, he was asked to play slightly on the right to be able to cut inside and cause havoc. Suso was able to hurt Inter by cutting inside and curling the back into the bottom left corner of Handanovic’s goal. Indispensable player to this Milan side, it is still unthinkable that he was an unused substitution against Roma. Showed exactly why Montella should consider moving back to a 4-3-3, to accommodate Suso and Bonaventura and not underperforming Bonucci.
(ST) – A. Silva (6/10)
The Portuguese Wonderkid showed great physical presence early on and won several headers, flicking the balls to his teammates but in vain. Andre Silva kept working very hard to make things happen for Milan, but was largely isolated for the most part of the game, he had to go wide in order to receive the ball. After working very hard, Silva finds the ball at his feet in Inter’s box, trying a left-footed driven shot in the bottom left corner, but only to see it bounce back the post, Mussacchio’s follow-up shot was rightfully ruled out for offside where the goal was awarded. It’s in the second half that his performance improved with the much-needed support of P. Cutrone, which divided the attention of Inter’s defenders.


(ST) – P. Cutrone (6/10)
The Italian U21 was brought on at Halftime by Montella, instead of Kessie. Cutrone’s introduction started the Rossoneri’s rise in performance. The youngster showed hunger, eagerness, willingness to get chances. His constant movement caused more troubles to the Blue and Black defense. He got a promising chance, with a whipped cross coming from the left wing but to only hit the side netting of Handanovic’s goal. His attitude is irreproachable, which is why Cutrone’s becoming a fan favorite at the San Siro.
(CM) – M. Locatelli: (6/10)
The Italian Wonderkid was brought on for Romagnoli. Even if Manuel Locatelli doesn’t deserve a rating in this game, since he didn’t have much time to impact the game, but I would like to highlight his attitude. As soon as he came on, he wasn’t afraid to slide in tackles, which showed his tenacity of winning the ball high up the field. Even if one of the tackles resulted in a Yellow Card, Locatelli’s hunger is admirable similar to Cutrone’s. The two substitutions show a lot of promise. Locatelli was brought on ahead of Montolivo, this shows the manager’s faith. Hopefully, Montella will help him develop further.


V. Montella: (7/10)
Heavily criticized for his bad run of games, losing to his two former teams, Sampdoria and Roma, with a heavy defeat against Lazio. Rumors are spread hourly with Conte’s and Petkovic’s name mentioned almost everywhere, although dismissed by the Milan Directors, while giving Montella the vote of confidence. The pressure was awfully high, as it is usually in Derbies, but on Sunday it was supposed to be a turning point for the Rossoneri. Regardless of the score or any other factor, narrowing down to Montella’s starting line-up was debated and criticized, and rightfully saw as Inter were leading 1-0 at the half, while Milan was very poor with a disjointed 3-5-1-1. Montella was also blamed for making changes too late (78’+ which couldn’t affect the games as it should). In the contrary of previous games this season he opted to a tactical change at Halftime and it worked out, Milan equalized on two occasions (1-1 then 2-2). Milan still lacks identity but the squad needs excessive team chemistry pills, but in the derby, Montella did well to react.
Rossoneri fans started #MontellaOut for a while now, his performance must be questioned but not condemned. Purchasing 11 new players was a tough challenge, doomed to fail in the first half of the season.
As a Milan fan, I would love a Guardiola or Sarri, or even Conte. But if not one of three, are available, or have enough time to prepare and implement their ideas, I would throw away all ‘Milan sacking Montella’ talks. The team will lose more games, will concede stupid goals. But we expect that the attitude changes. We want an angry and bitter Milan willing to win at all cost.

Player Ratings: Inter vs Milan 3-2


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