Many sources, such as Sky Italia and Corriere della Sera, report that Bonucci is close to Milan. Biglia is also close, however Bonucci could be confirmed very soon, as Montella wants to take him to China. But with all these new players, what formation will be used next season?

There has been a lot of talk regarding which formation Montella will use next year. Stay with a 4-3-3? Switch to a new 3-4-3? Or Something else?

Milan has made a lot of signings in this window, and it would be quite hard to fit them all into the staring eleven. But if Milan were to stick with the 4-3-3, most people seem to think they will line up something like this:

If however they do choose to be more attacking, and use a 3-4-3, (5-2-3 in the defensive phase) which is a system that Antonio Conte’s Chelsea used last season, to high success, the lineup will look like this:

In both cases, Milan will have a very strong starting 11 and will definitely be challenging for a Champion’s league position, if not the Scudetto.

In a few days, when Milan faces Dortmund in the Pre-Season international champions cup in China, we will get a better idea of Montella’s plans for the next season.

But which formation do you think Milan should use next season? Which one do you prefer?

New Milan, New formation?


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