Former AC Milan captain Riccardo Montolivo was interviewed by Il Corriere Della Sera about the main issues with the team.

“I think nobody expected us to struggle so much. We were not ready at the beginning of the season, we thought it would have been easier for us but we didn’t have the basis.”

“Everybody is failing to match expectations, we know we can do more. Each one must focus on how to improve, we need to focus on how each one of us can help the team.”
“Bonucci captain? The club wanted a new identity and a new captain. I have a good relationship with Leonardo but it is not true that I play better without the captain armband.”

“Montella wanted to change our identity, I think that it was a mistake to change the system because we had been working on a different formation during the pre-season. We’ve lost time and self-confidence. I think Montella is very prepared on the pitch but needs to improve the empathy with his footballers.”

Montolivo Slams Montella.


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