AC Milan lost vs. Sampdoria 2:0 yesterday. Afterwards the fans and the management got really angry and shared it everywhere on social media. Now a day after this drama Montella spoke to MilanTV. Here are the things he said:

Montella: “The criticism we received was objectively fair. We all agree that the performance was below standards as well as the attitude. My goal is to understand why this has happened in order to intervene.”

Different sources reported that there was a meeting with Montella and the management, where they confronted the coach. This was confirmed by Vincenzo Montella in the interview later.

Montella: “I confronted with the management then we met with the players. The management asked me to intervene in order to not repeat these displays.”

Montella and the team have to change their mentality quickly and create another atmosphere, this is the priority for the coach.

Montella: “We are aware that we must quickly create a winning mentality. There are so many ways but there are some rules that have weight. We have to create a mentality and achieve important balance. We have to accept criticism.”

Mentality is the A and the O, which Montella now wants to focus on. He sees the biggest problem there and wants to improve it quickly.

Montella: “We have to specifically work on the consistency of performance, for this we have to start on the mentality.  Winning mentalities are built over time. If we’re smart and prepared these falls can raise the level of competitiveness.”

Lastly he also talked about the gameschedule which is very hard to handle with 4 games in 14 days.

Montella: “It is unthinkable that a player can play every three days. Of course there are some exceptions. Someone can get along that with the mentality. Physically & on nervous level we cannot play all games in the same way.”

What are your thoughts about his words?

Montella: “We have to create a winning mentality!”


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