The penalty that UEFA could issue on the rossoneri could open the exit door to the big players of the club in an exodus that could leave the team without great names 

The Rossoneri are still waiting for UEFA not to issue a sanction that could mean a more than significant setback in the club’s ambition to return to the elite of European football. Although, after the meeting this week in Nyon they refused  a pact to lower this penalty, reigns pessimism in the Italian entity.

This penalty it would also mean an economic blow and set off all the alarms in the squad, because the most important pieces of the team, according to CalcioMercato, could assess a possible exit in search of a club that could have access to European competitions. These could be the cases of Gianluigi Donnaruma, Romagnoli, Nikola Kalinic, André Silva or Suso.


In the case of Giggio Donnarumma, his future was already in the air during the last campaign and  the new agreement with the Milan club could turn into a possible exit for the young star, the ambition of the player and the economic need of the club could split the path between Giggio and the rossoneri. It would also happen with Alessio Romagnoli.Juventus seems interested in take back the blow issued with Bonucci last summer with the hiring of the young defender.


In the case of the stickers, Nikola Kalinic has a large market, especially in China, where a great offer could arrive and the player of 29 years old could value his exit. For André Silva, the option to move would lead him to think of an upward career that would be frustrated with the sanction. And finally Suso, the Spanish player has a good market in Italy, England and Spain. The player, which is in the best shape of his career, would have to seriously consider the best for his future.









Milan vs Uefa: who will leave the rossoneri


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