Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images
It could take until the end of February to sell Milan and so there won’t be any major operations done in January – those who leave will finance the arrivals of others.
The thing Milan fans have feared the most seems to be turning into a reality as the frustrating and recurring delays in the sale of the club to the Chinese will most likely have a big impact on the January window.
As reported this afternoon official station MilanTV, the ‘closing’ will soon be officially postponed with the new deadline set at February 28 2017. This doesn’t mean, however, that it will take place on that day. The authorizations from the Chinese government, which according to Silvio Berlusconi are the delaying factor, won’t arrive in time for the original closing date of December 13, and so everything is pushed back.
Therefore, the transfer market, like in August, will be shared – meaning that there will be total collaboration between Adriano Galliani – who will be in charge of this mercato – and the Chinese. The two sides will have to agree together on every move regarding signings and sales.
The most important update is regarding the budget for January, or the lack of budget. MilanTV claims that players who leave will finance arrivals, which means that the Rossoneri – unless extra budget will be approved – won’t make any big moves in January, and will try to avoid signing players on a permanently basis – only on loan – exactly like in the last month of the previous window.
Galliani and Marco Fassone are expected to meet next week to define the strategy for January. If MilanTV is right, then it’s bad news for Montella and for the fans, who were expecting reinforcements.