Milan players celebrate after scoring during Napoli-Milan on August 27, 2016 at the San Paolo stadium. (CARLO HERMANN/AFP/Getty Images)
Fan article by Ayomide.
So yes, we Milan fans that grew up with success ingrained in the DNA of the club both on and off the pitch would have found the last couple of years pretty frustrating. Almost nothing has gone right since the sale of Ibrahimović and Thiago Silva – in my opinion, absolutely nothing has gone right. 2011 was the last time Milan won the Scudetto and since then we have literally struggled with mediocrity.
Berlusconi and Galliani have done a good job for most part of the years, assembling squads worthy of taking on the gods on Mount Olympus itself.
But it’s safe to say the last couple of years have been nothing but failures, more failures and then more failures, living off free transfers and washed up players. So with that in mind I am really glad B&G have decided to be realistic and sell to those who can actually make Milan great again.
I have my doubts about the Chinese and I am just going to watch even though I’m not brimming with optimism (you cannot blame me exactly; my hopes have been dashed one time too many).
Whether the Chinese take us up there pretty soon as they have promised is not something I am willing to bank upon, but this however could be our year, with little spotlight and a coach that has an acceptable knowledge of good football (just look at what he did with Fiorentina), we could build from the scratch and like the phoenix – rise up again from the ashes.
Donnarumma in training (
We have Gigio (17), Romagnoli (21), Gomez (23), Mauri (20), Niang (21), De Sciglio (23), Calabria (20), Suso (22) and Locatelli (18). All below 24. Now that’s something worth getting excited over.
These guys could be the building blocks of the team for years to come we could have our own makeshift Paolo Maldini & Franco Baresi in Romagnoli and Gomez, provided there’s good management and we don’t jump at the offer of a sale for any of them. They could grow together and develop some telepathic form of chemistry that makes for guaranteed success over time. I mean, this is how the Milan we fell in love with was built.
I know it is a difficult reality we have found ourselves in, we have gloried too much in our past achievements and failed to face reality, this might just be our year and the amazing thing is it would cost us absolutely nothing! A start of something new thanks to the Chinese and also the quality of youths we have. This could be our year of the phoenix and who knows, if everything goes right with a properly placed structure for continuity, we just might have the team to beat in the next three years.
It’s a bitter pill to swallow, this sham we have found ourselves in, but who knows – hope is the last to die and Milan WILL totally be great again. Forza Milan!