Both Italian teams are awaiting the future of Manu Trigueros from Villarreal, whose performance is not going unnoticed by the big clubs watching their growth.

The 26-year-old midfielder, Manu Trigueros, is one of the most important players of Villarreal today. The player has experienced in these last two seasons a greater growth and an upward trajectory that has led him to become a key player for villarreal.

Last season, the player played 45 matches with Villarreal, scoring 7 goals and giving 2 assists, and giving a great game and balance with Soriano. In this season, the Spanish midfielder has shown that he is still important in the center of the team.

His good performances attracted the attention of several  European clubs, according to Marca, AC Milan and Juventus would be interested on taking the player to italy, but the spanish team has no intention of letting go the player so easily because is an important player that comes from the team’s youth sector.

At the moment, the player has a contract with the Submarino Amarillo until 2022 with a clause of € 40 M and what seems clear is that his future, at least until the summer market, is in Villarreal.


Milan and juventus looking for a midfielder of Villarreal


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