In recent years, Inter and AC Milan have been absent from the UEFA Champions League. This competition is a home for both clubs, especially for AC Milan, who have won it 7 times, the second team with the most Champions League titles, behind Real Madrid who has 12.

Barcelona and Argentina star Lionel Messi have stated that he wants both Milan clubs back in the Champions League.

Italian football in recent years is no longer the same. And I believe that this has to do not only with the non-qualification to the World Cup,” Messi said, in quotes reported by La Gazzetta Dello Sport.

“For example, two greats in Serie A, Milan and Inter, are no longer those that were about 10 years ago and no longer play in the Champions League, and this affects all Italian football.

“They are basically trying to get back, especially the two Milanese clubs must return to be competitive at European level.”

Messi Wants Both Milan Clubs Back In Champions League.


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