Finally a win by the Rossoneri and not even a goal conceeded!!

I have to tell you the truth, I almost fell asleep. It was not as boring as the AEK-Milan one but it was pretty slow as a match

Milan won 2-0 with the goals from Romagnoli in the first half and then a goal from Suso in the second half.

Milan didn’t play well but they did what Fassone and Mirabelli asked Montella to do : win!

Milan played slowly and didn’t show to much chemistry. Montella used all the substitutions and was forced to use the first one at the 12′ minute due to a Calabria injury. Abate took his place and played a good game

Montella couldn’t play with Biglia and Rodriguez today and he gave the place to Montolivo and Borini who played a normal game. Everybody played a normal game today without thinks that should be remembered

The best players in my opinion were : Suso,Romagnoli and Bonucci

The rest of the team just didn’t play a beautiful football even if we won.

The other 2 subs were :

Borini OUT – Antonelli IN

Calhanoglu OUT – Locatelli IN
There is something we have to mention…

The screamer goal from Suso.

This guy just know how to make magic happen and with two quick moves we had our second goal and such a beautiful one.

After this win we are in the seventh position but Fassone and Mirabelli still believe we can have a great comeback and the still believe in Montella.
Personally I don’t know how to feel about this. Now the rossoneri will stop for 13 days due to the International Break but when the break ends we have a match against Napoli at the San Paolo. We need the strongest Milan ever but I have not seen it yet.
Forza Rossoneri, we have to believe in these colours!!

Match review Sassuolo 0:2 AC Milan


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