Today’s match against Autria Viena was maybe one of the most important matches in recent weeks. Not just because it was worth Milan’s qualification for the next stage, but for rebuilding the team’s morale.

The Rossoneri started the game sleepy, conceding an early goal right away. It took a few minutes for them to get their game together and find the equalizer with Ricardo Rodriguez. After that, Montella’s men seemed to have woken up and it didn’t take too long for them to find the second goal with Andre Silva.

The path was now clear for the Rossoneri win, managing another goal from Andre Silva and a brace from Cutrone. A real good exhibition from the two youngsters, who should play together more often.

The only noticible bad performance was from Frank Kessie, who made too many wrong passes and failed to impose himself as usual on Milan’s midfield.

We are yet to see how thia 4-1 victory will impact on the squad, but it’s importance is indubitable, since we had Andre Silva getting back to the nets and showing that he can form a great duo with Cutrone.

Match Review: Milan – Austria Wien


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