Kessi was recently interviewed and talked about his interests and life in Milan. The midfielder had a lot to share with the public.

“If I feel tired at the moment? Yes, I feel a bit of exhaustion, but fatigue does not count for me. I have to remain to grow and raise the bar.”

“The most difficult moment for someone who plays a lot like me is the beginning but after 20 minutes I am fine.”

“I like Milan, it’s a beautiful city. I go back and forth from Milan to Milanello. Sometimes I go to Piazza del Duomo. Then I go home to rest in order to recover well.”

“I spend my free time playing Playstation at home or going out with my friends to play bowling, I always win.”

“I make myself the captain on PlayStation. I take free-kicks and penalties, I do everything.”

“I joke and laugh, all my teammates are serious. We are going to play football, not to a war. I joke with Kalinic and Zapata the most because they are close to me.”

“I decided I want to be a professional footballer is when I took off to Italy and arrived in Bergamo. I went to watch Atalanta-Cagliari and I told myself I have to do this job by force. I went from 27 degrees to -2 and -3, I wanted to go home right away (laughs).

“I like listening to music, sometimes I dance at home. It’s better that I don’t show you because I’m not good at that. I don’t sing or dance well.”

“Important people in my career? My agent George Atangana who took me from Ivory Coast to Bergamo. Then I joined Cesena on loan and I thank Rino Foschi and Massimo Drago, who made me play a lot.”

“I arrived at Cesena as a central defender then the coach immediately deployed me in the midfield.”


Kessie: “What’s special about Milan?”


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