While we are used to see Milan’s former player Gattuso angry and frustrated when giving press conferences, this time he was pretty calm. He started this press conference by thanking their players for their hard work and in a way or another stating that this isn’t the best AC Milan form. He can see potential in this team:

“I have to thank the players for their work. We tried a lot of things but we have to stay attentive. Roma wasn’t built in a day but I saw a great desire this week.”

Then he declared the tactic that is going to be used for the upcoming match against Benevento. It hasn’t changed much from Montella’s one:

“Regarding the mentality it’s not a secret that I like to see intensity and choral work. The 3-man defense has remained and we have worked on some clear concepts.”

He clearly doesn’t want the team to underestimate Benevento, a team that hasn’t still got a point in the Seria A:

“The Benevento game? We have to close our eyes and think that the Champions League trophy is on the sidelines. We cannot afford to make a mistake”

“Victories can give me time that certainly helps me to work calmly and with enthusiasm and strength.”

There was one question that he couldn’t avoid tonight: about Montella. This was how we asked:

“What happened has happened, my methodology is completely different from that of Vincenzo [Montella]. I found the guys a little distressed but it doesn’t mean they were mishandled”

Gattuso’s Press Conference!!


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