Fassone to Gazzetta Dello Sport: “On management level I thought I would have some more difficulties since it was the first year, instead I received very good responses from the people inside the club.”

“We found a more positive reaction from the fans, which was not obvious. And even if there is some regret about the results in the first half of the season which were below expectations, but then we found the right course.”

“The Chinese company [Milan China] has been initiated, we are the only ones to have a company on site with a Chinese management and not just a commercial office. The stadium project takes shape, whether it’s a renovated San Siro or a new stadium.”

“The commercial side also worked well with seven new sponsors. Matchday revenues went much better than expected. The budget is positive, the road is the right one. We are in line with the forecasts.”

“The debt refinancing will be done even if the modalities are still in discussion. There are three options that Mr. Li is evaluating. There is no urgency to do it tomorrow morning, there are still six months.”

“I feel quite calm that it [debt refinancing] will take place and with a sufficient margin to not arrive in October. The support of the ownership has always been there.”

“The capital increases are continuous and frequent and allowed us to work without ever reaching the bottom of the barrel. If we end the matter a couple of months earlier, maybe four, I’d be more serene.

“Within a week to ten days, the final proposal should be submitted to arrive to Mr. Li from Merril Lynch.” “UEFA meeting? I believe that the settlement agreement impacts less than the voluntary. I think that at the moment it counts more the planning for the next three years and how Milan intends to return to the Financial Fair Play.”

“Sanctions? I do not expect penalties that would greatly limit our moves in the transfer market. Certainly, the balance between the investments and sales will be much lighter than last year. Something consistent with the current revenues, which are around €215-220M/year.

“Milan to be in Elliott’s hands soon? It seems strange to me, on the borders of the impossible, that this happens to a president who has put so much money in a club, and keeps putting them.”

“Milan would go to Elliott only if Mr. Li didn’t make more capital increases, it’s a very remote hypothesis. In my mind, I think it will not happen.” “Milan is very good from the financial and economic point of view, while common opinion could sometimes be misleadingly leading to believe that there are problems, instead there are not.”

“If we analyze the financial statements calmly we will see that Milan is not bad at all. Then I would like to remind you that in acquiring Milan Mr. Li has indebted himself. He made an investment that weighs only on him, relieving the club from the debt point of view.”

“The future? It depends on us. There are no big obstacles in front of us to say ‘attention, we cannot grow anymore’. The only limit is FFP, which at a certain point imposes a quota of investments, even if you want to do them.”

“In Italy Milan, Inter and Roma have presidents who come to our country a couple of times a year and give wide operational power to their managers.”

“Yonghong Li’s style is speaking little and doing the facts. He loves Milan a lot since he was a kid. I met him 15 days ago in London for financial reasons and I can assure you that he is not just in charge of business.”

“He [Yonghong Li] knows who plays, he wanted to know everything about Gattuso.” He is a president who participates in all aspects, who trusts his management on daily basis and asks for a report.”

“I think he is calm and eager to carry out the project as the president of Milan. Being supported by some shareholders is possible but I do not want to appear indecent, these are questions that concern the ownership. My takes are only impressions.”

“Transfer market? We could not have spend €240M if we had not made different sales and a series of profits on good players. Mirabelli did a great job. Progressive corrections will now arrive, the fans can expect 2-3 new players at critical positions.”

“On the financial level we are not obliged to make sales, but having made a point of the situation with the sporting director and coach, I can say there will be signings and exits.”

“Donnarumma? There is utmost trust from all of us [at Milan]. He is one of the pillars and in our minds Gigio will be our starting goalkeeper for a long time.”

“The Milan adventure? It’s beautiful. I would struggle to think of something more rewarding and satisfying.”

Fassone Interview!


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