Gameday for Rossoneri, but unfortunately the game today was not in our favor. After an epic first 3 minutes for Milan, it was starting to look like one of those games.

As the first half progressed, the game started to get more and more difficult, a mistake from Calabria lead to the first goal. Milan’s lack of experience in European football and Arsenal’s style of play to keep up with a fast pace game defined the story of the first half. A lovely ball from Ozil helped arsenal seal the first half in their favor with a score of 2-0. The boys looked a bit nervous and they lacked the needed creativity.

The second half looked more of the same, we controlled the ball more we created a bit more chances but nothing really worth mentioning. It is important to back the team up in difficult times. We had a beautiful run of 13 games without a loss. It was interesting to see how the team performed against one of the top clubs. We all hope we can salvage something from the return leg. Let’s see how the team bounces back in the coming games

Forza Milan

Europa League Match Review: AC Milan vs Arsenal


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