As we all know, Milan is struggling during the current season. Milan are far behind the Champions-League spots and are often dropping points against underdogs. Its almost certain that the Management needs to sell some of our key-players if the Gattuso-side fails to qualify for Champions League. That would lead to possible transfers of Suso, Andre Silva, Biglia and of course our current captain Leonardo Bonucci.

Bonucci celebrates his first Milan-goal, the important 1-0 against Crotone

Recent rumours told that Bonucci is the most likely player to leave Milan next summer. Big names in european football like Manchester City or Barcelona showed interest for a transfer. They’ve wanted to sign him as he was a Juventus-player. Also Bonucci hasn’t proved his great abbilities yet, which would be another reason that Bonucci could go part ways with Milan. Hopefully his recent goal against Crotone is a start to a great improvement of Bonucci, and of course the whole Milan-side.

Now Mirabelli said that they don’t want to sell the Italian centre-back. He is way to important to the other players and a transfer could cause more problems. Also Bonucci isn’t too keen about a transfer, and he could imagine playing for Milan next season. But at the end, let’s hope that Milan makes the turnaround and gets to the UCL next season. This would probably make sure, that not many big players will leave. Forza Milan!


Does Bonucci stay at Milan?


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