The peace with the fans after controversy and banners, the newfound serenity in the field, the sense of belonging to the shirt at the best moment of the team, coincided with the climb in Italy and Europe: all this could be enough to imagine a future still in rossonero for Gigio Donnarumma, in reality the Milan‘s good giant is well aware of the fact that the managers could be forced to sell him for budgetary reasons at the end of the season. And for this reason, to avoid other lively summer soap operas, the Milan goalkeeper could have already chosen the future destination in case of forced separation: the Paris Saint Germain.

The probable decision could have been taken with the help of a trip and with the words of a friend. Donnarumma has been to Paris in the past winter holidays, he visited the city and both him and his girlfriend found it very beautiful. In addition, Verratti, PSG midfielder, who’s a good friend of Gigio, might have spoken with our number 99, in order to persuade him to join the French team in the summer. An important aspect of the story, is that they share the same agent, Mino Raiola, who is apparently struggling with the new Milan managers, Fassone and Mirabelli. As we know, PSG has a very big economic potential, and could easily win the auction against Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and all the other interested teams.

For sure, the French team will try harder the next transfer market, because they really need a young and strong goalkeeper, as right now they do not trust neither Trapp nor Areola. With the last rumors about economic difficulties by Yonghong Li, and the low chances to qualify for the Champions League, Milan might actually need to sell Donnarumma to cope with the debts. Our beloved team would make a profit of at least 70 million and Gigio’s salary would double, from 6 million to 12.

In case all this would happen, our new goalkeeper could be Reina for free from Napoli, as this is his last year of contract and he has no intention at the moment to renew it. Other possible names could be Perin from Genoa, who’s aimed by Inter too, and Marchetti, who’s having hard times with Lazio, in terms of relations and in terms of performance.

About this situation, spoke Gigio’s older brother, Antonio Donnarumma, after the Europa League match against Ludogorets where he came back defending our goal successfully. “We feel good here at Milan – states at Sky Sport microphones – The only thing we care about is training and succeeding with these colors. Gigio has almost always been calm, now more than ever!”

BUT – This is a message from our staff, our admin and me. All this information are not 100% sure, transfers are always uncertain, especially at these levels, where players are very important and promising and money is heavy. I wrote this article because you still have to know what’s probably going on around Milan, the team you support and love. At the same time, we ask you please not to get too alarmed. Last time these types of rumors were taken too seriously, Donnarumma really thought about leaving. We totally understand that if he leaves, it will be a very big loss for us and for the whole Italian football. Therefore, instead of going under his pictures and leaving bad comments, or even death threats, we should show him our love and support him, make him understand how important he is for us and for the team. In the case he will actually live in summer, we will have to accept it, because this is part of the sport we love. Thanks and FORZA MILAN.

D for Donnarumma, D for Decisions


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