A great night for Milan but not for Giggio

Donnarumma was the protagonist of a complicated contract renewal last summer; a renewal that was reached at the end of what it seemed to be a novel between the player and the club. It was against Craiova in the Europa League when the fans where happy for the glorious renewal of the young player. But when the fans heard the last news of Giggio’s manager Mino Raiola they understand that it could lead to a possible exit for the keeper it made the fans to feel anger with him in the match of Coppa Italia against Verona.

“Psychological violence is charging six million a year and paying the salary to a parasitic brother? Go now, patience is over”

The fans of Milan have responded to Gianluigi Donnarumma, and in a very hard way, The members of the Curva Sud deployed a long banner to respond to the controversial statements of agent Mino Raiola, who had asked to break the contract with the San Siro club for “psychological violence” and  that Donnarumma signed due to a series of psychological pressures carried out by the Club.At this point, the future of Gianluigi Donnarumma it seems to be far away from Milan.

Abbiati on the Donnarumma’s case

Meanwhile, AC Milan’s club manager and former keeper of the club, Christian Abbiati in the pre match told that Donnarumma “can stay at Milan for many years”.”He has a long contract with us, trains well and works hard. He is thinking about Milan and is trying to help the team achieve positive results”.

Bonucci helped Giggio

Just a few momments before the start of the match, when the teams were in midfield, Donnarumma received the hug of all his teammates. Bonucci, the captain, then pushed him towards the curve, almost to incite him to seek a “clarification” with the fans who challenged him. The goalkeeper played the first half right under the Curva; at the end of the first half left the field shaking his head. The 3-0 success against Verona did not make the Donnarumma evening less bitter.

Also Mirabelli

Mirabelli then assures: “There is no meeting scheduled with Raiola, Donnarumma has a contract until 2021 and i have nothing to say to him. We are closer than ever to Gigio, i smiled at first in front of these things that have come out, then the situation has become serious. There is a gentleman who is damaging the image of our club “.

 “I believe that one day Donnarumma will understand where the good and the bad is”

Moral violence? I do not think we can ever say something like this. Goodbye in January? No, absolutely: Gigio will have to come to us and we will have to see what conditions he will eventually accept. ”

We would have to wait until both part talk and find the better solution for the player. Lets hope that Donarumma stays at Milan.







Curva Sud Vs Donnarumma: Patience is over for Giggio


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