Ex Fiorentina and Italian National player Giuseppe Rossi confirmed that he is prepared to come back stronger than ever, and he may be making a stop at the San Siro on his return to European prominence. The once dominant, and very promising Italian striker is very close to making a complete recovery after tearing his ACL on April 10th. He has never really been able to settle down at one team, because of the constant injuries, but he is a force to be reckoned with when healthy.


Rossi training with the Italian National Team

“After the injury, I feel great, I’m training and waiting for a club,” Rossi told Sky Sports Italia. If he truly believes that he could play consistently without getting injured, he could be a very important asset to a Serie A team looking for goals. When he was healthy, he scored 16 goals in 33 games for Fiorentina and was a very important part of their success. He was regarded as one of the best Italian strikers of his generation and drew comparisons to players like Del Piero. Every team in Europe has had their eyes on him at one point, but his one main downfall is the amount of time he spends injured. He is very dangerous when he is 100%, but after all of these injuries, he may not be as good as he used to be. His style of play would fit the way Montella likes to play, and he offers a different dynamic that Andre Silva and Kalinic don’t really offer. “Vincenzo Montella’s football is built for strikers and he has a very attacking approach. The objective of football is to score goals and he knows that, being a former striker himself.”

Giuseppe Rossi after a press conference prior to training with the National Team

Rossi sees’s himself succeeding with this new look Milan team, but the management may see otherwise. Rossi also displayed interest in playing for Napoli, who are looking for depth up front, as Arkadiusz Milik is out with an ACL injury. He is not getting any younger, and along with the injuries, that may turn teams to look at other players to fill their needs at striker. I think that he would work well on both Napoli and Milan, and he offers depth and versatility to both teams. Milan is in need of goals, and in my opinion, he would thrive at the San Siro. 15 goal seasons for the next two years could be expected if he does end up signing. It is just speculation as of now, but it could happen in the near future. Would you like to see Giuseppe Rossi tearing up defenses in the red and black stripes of Milan? 

Could an Ex-Italian International Find A New Home At The San Siro?


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