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Intervista e Kessie pas ndeshjes

Franck Kessie ka lavdëruar efikasitetin e Milanit, pasi ata bënë që të gjitha shanset e tyre të konvertohen në fitoren 2-0 në Romë. Kjo është intervista e Kessie: "Në ndeshjen e parë nuk kemi luajtur keq, por në fund kemi...

Cagliari-Milan 1-2 : Review!!!

AC Milan wins in the Sardegna Arena with two goals from Kessié. It wasn’t a boring match, we witnessed a fantastic battle from both teams. Aggressive game, fast game and full of emotions. AC Milan started in such an awful...


Europa League Match Review: AC Milan vs Arsenal

Gameday for Rossoneri, but unfortunately the game today was not in our favor. After an epic first 3 minutes for Milan, it was starting...