It is clear that Donnarumma will replace Buffon in the Italian national team, but the Juventus goalkeeper wants Donnarumma to leave AC Milan and take his spot in Juve after he retires.

“I do not live his situation but one thing is certain, if he comes to Juventus he’s never wrong,” Buffon told  Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I do not know the emotional connection that he has with Milan. What makes the difference is what vibrates inside your soul.”

Donnarumma is one of the best young goalkeepers at the moment and has been linked to many top clubs. Juventus seems to be the club that will go in for the 18-year-old and possibly bring him to Turin. The young goalkeeper has recently dismissed these rumors and has stated that he is happy in Milan and has no intentions of leaving, but in the summer anything can happen and maybe Juventus will convince the Italian to move to their club.

In the AC Milan point of view, they should try and keep Donnarumma at almost any cost. Donnarumma joined Milan at 16 from a club in Napoli, and has been immediately loved by the fans and has gained attention from the press. In the summer, the fans turned on the youngster when they heard rumors that he is thinking of leaving, the same happened a few weeks ago. Even after all this, Donnarumma is still a crucial player in the Milan squad and has saved them many times. He is currently an Italian national team player and is wanted by top clubs. Keeping him at Milan would be the right choice as in the future he will be one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

Juventus are going to be strengthened if the deal goes through. After Buffon retires, that leaves Juve with the Polish goalkeeper Szczęsny. The 27-year-old is a good goalkeeper but thinking of long-term, Donnarumma would be a better choice. Milan would ask for a huge price to let their star goalkeeper leave, that would be an obstacle for the Turin club but they have the money and can put it in.

For Donnarumma, on a neutral point of view, the best overall decision for Donnarumma is to go to Juventus. The club has won the Serie A for the past 5 seasons and has made it to 2 Champions League finals in that time. The club might win the league again this year and even if they don’t, they will probably be still strong by next season. Donnarumma will be looked as an amazing goalkeeper if he can lead Juventus and fill the boots of a legend like Buffon. If Donnarumma leaves, he will probably win more titles and be more successful, he will also be recognized as a world-class goalkeeper. As a Milan fan I certainly want him to stay, but for Donnarumma it is better for him to leave and go to Juventus.

Buffon Wants Donnarumma To Replace Him at Juventus.


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