AC Milan visited Benevento for matchday 15 of the Serie A campaign. The first half did not feature anything remarkable to mention; however, an impressive effort from Bonaventura opened the score sheet on the 38th minute.

Gattuso’s first game in charge was not as impressive as expected. The team managed to concede 2 goals from a side that has only scored 6 goals this entire season. The team did not show the grinta that we expected, we came out with a draw in a game that was supposed to be very easy. Benevento managed to get the first point against us, unfortunately this was a horrible display. I have no other words to add.It was Gattuso’s first game in charge and he still has a lot to learn but we expected better . Romagnoli’s red card at the 75th minute was a terrible turnaround for the game.

The player ratings are as follows:

Donnaruma – 5: he was not to blame for the first goal, he was confident at the back

Bonucci – 6.4: made a couple of important clearances and behaved as the captain we needed

Romagnoli – 4.8 : a sloppy display from the italian which almost caused the game to slip from our hands

Mussachio – 6: kept his position and tried to make as many interceptions as possible

Rodriguez – 6.5 : He seemed a bit lost but was able to cover both ends of the pitch

Montolivo – 6: A bit slow as usual, we needed a faster style of play to break Benevento’s stubborn defence.

Kessie – 6: made some crucial passes, he also dribbled past a couple of defenders.

Borini – 6: a silent display from Borini, he did not really impact the team.

Suso – 6: Not the best game from the Spaniard who is usually more lethal and deadly

Bonaventura- 7: Undoubtedly the man of the match in today’s performance, his opening goal and his assist to Kalinic helped the Rossoneri to score two goals, however they were not enough.

Kalinic 6.5: missed a couple of chances but showed up in the second half

Abate and Biglia were subbed in alongside Zapata during the second half.

Hopefully we can bounce back, Forza Milan.

AC Milan vs Benevento match review


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