Milan have been linked with Pietro Pellegri since the summer, however Milan might be at risk to lose out on securing his signature. Why are we at risk on losing our chance to sign this youngster?



The Genoa starlet has been in the news quite often after he made his debut for the first team in the early stages of this campaign. He has scored two goals in 5 Serie A matches so far.

Without any surprises this performance has raised a lot of interest. Reports say that Milan is no longer in first position to secure his signature.


The youngster has attracted interest from different Italian teams such as Juventus. Because of the increasing interest Milan lost the pole position. Until now we will have to wait and see whether Milan can secure his signature in January. But if Montella’s men keep playing like this, it might become a disadvantage for luring young talents to our club.

Will we see the triple handshake with Pellegri in the January transfer window? Also the management should ask themselfs, is this what we need? Another young striker?







AC Milan missing out on talent?


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