The Milan of Gennaro Gattuso, yesterday, had a good evening, with the 2-1 inflicted to Lazio and stamped by the goals of Patrick Cutrone and Giacomo ‘Jack’ Bonaventura. At the end of the match, the Rossoneri celebrated, as a real team, a team with a soul and a common identity, all around their own technician.

“I give players the chance to give me some slaps when we celebrate a goal or a win, because face to face no one is allowed or brave enough – Gennaro Gattuso’s statements at the end of the match, reported today by ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’ -. I see that someone looks at me with a crooked face because I make them work hard”. In reality, the team seems to be all tight around its own coach, and he himself has noticed: “The merit of this victory is of the team. We have used the word ‘WE’ and not ‘ME’: the players have touched with their hands that making effort leads to something. They want to do double training, which in the big teams are usually not welcomed. Then they all went to eat together after the match: for me these are important signs”.

“In the first half we played well, but after the 1-0 we lowered 15 meters, so they took the crossbar and scored a goal – the clear analysis by Gattuso – Lazio is like a battleship. The second half went well in many episodes, Lazio could have scored more than one goal but we put it all in: strenght, concentration, technique, everything. We countered each shot and conceded only that header by Sergej Milinković-Savić, who looks like a giant “. And again: “In the action of the second goal we filled the area with four or five men, that’s what I like”.

Closing dedicated to André Silva, entered in the second half but appeared still detached from the schemes: “I’m very happy with him – the words of ‘Ringhio’ – at the end we were crushed. Even Marco van Basten would have struggled … “.

Gennaro Gattuso seems to be satisfied enough with the performance of his team, however he is conscious that there are still some aspects to improve, especially in defense. The coach and the players will face Lazio again on Wednesday at San Siro in TIM Cup, we hope to see everyone even hungrier then yesterday, to conquer a final that would increase Milan’s state of mind and increase fear of the real Devils in our future opponents.

A REAL TEAM. Gattuso’s words after the game.


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