Montella has basically lost one of his 2 lives, he was given two chances to prove himself in the games against Athens and Sassuolo, and frankly speaking, the game tonight was not very pretty.

Milan are still leading their group in the Europa league but not a single fan is satisfied with the display. The only game that was impressive was the game against Austria Wien, and since then, the results have been humiliating.

During the first half, Milan barely had an attempt on target; after the inclusion of Suso the team started to get some chances but nothing too worthy to mention except for a shot from Montolivo which hit the crossbar.

To summarize the game, Milan showed no passion, no determination, no courage, no strength, no composure, no dedication, no discipline and no skills. The game was painful to watch for the fans, we still have no sign of good results to come.

90 min of disappointing football – AC Milan vs AEK Athens match review


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